"Hnn? What are you staring at?"

Yugi's Appearance
Personal Info
Real name Yugi Hiwatari
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Female
Date of birth 20th June
Place of birth Unknown
Age 16
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Height/weight 170cm/45kg
Canvas Chained Silhouette
Faction Hero
Division 20th Division
Ability Info
Weapon type Various (handgun, double dagger, sword, etc)
Weapon name -
Fighting style -
Pet -
Special ability Hacking, Using many kinds of weapon, Console Gaming, Duel Monster
Berserk mode still have no name


Yugi is a member of Canvas Ranger. She joined in 20th Division of Hero side. She has a short brown hair with 2 yellow hair clips and red eyes. She wears red sleeveless shirt with dark blue sleeveless vest and black arm warmer in her arms. She also wears a black shirt and a dark blue short under it. Black boots and black sock is wore in her leg.

Henshin ModeEdit

Yugi's Henshin Mode is not too different from her usual outfit since her usual outfit is easier her movement and mobility. In this mode, she use a dark blue glasses and a black headphone in her left ear.


Yugi is a tomboy and a little 'tsundere' type. She acts cooly around people and likes to staring. Hate crowded and prefer to be alone, but when she faced things that she like, she can acts childish with a sparkling puppy eyes.


Yugi Hiwatari is not her real name, she have no memory of her life and goes around the world with no place to go. In the age of 12, someone picked and adopted her and give name and home to her, she is also studying hacking from this people. When she is 15, someone killed her 'adopted' father and this person is later discovered as a Canvas Ranger member in Villain side. Then she decide to join Canvas Ranger in Hero side...

As a Ranger

Yugi is in Pelopor D and she joined with 20th Hero Division with Ryuzaki_Mutou, Ryuto, Xion, and Fin.


- Ryuzaki_Mutou is Yugi's strongest rival for dueling. Athough they always tie in battle, they could be a good partner. Then, they made "Canvas-Ranger Tag Duelist Yugi-Mutou" to use their TCG ability to against artblockers
- She doesn't like to go near Xion, because he likes to throw many kinds of insects to her
- Besides Ryuzaki_Mutou, she also has duel mate, like Ihnar and Higeru


- Yugi has a crossgender or male counter part named Yuki Hiwatari

- Yugi's name is taken from fandom Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yugi Mutou) and Beyblade (Kai Hiwatari)