War of Pioneer AEdit

The war is over...
Many ruins and flames everywhere...
Victims scattered and not few losses were borne...
What is obtained after this Canvas Ranger Organization holding their own
   side's ego...??
What is generated when that war of conviction make incredible destruction
   which centered in a capital of a country called Indonesia...??

-- Canvas Ranger War of Pioneer A Journal 

Taken place from 7th May 2010 until 22nd May 2010. Each member of Pioneer A division was sent out to the battlefield. Leader, Co-Leader and Support division member was sent out to help those in need.

Pioneer A Place Participant Winner
Villain Hero
1st Division Old City of Jakarta

Raigen, Magenta, Kagura

Support : Luc, Spade

Cielon, Tom, Illumiel, Fleursava

Leader : Mazo

2nd Division National Monument

Blank, Neo, Haru, Diccari

Support : GlitChia

Rina, Fied, Algeo Villain
3rd Division Dunia Fantasi Theme Park

Scarlet, Krain, Fino, Hazel, Vo

Leader : Gaoh

Co-Leader : Rast

Mokuro, Zee, Akai, Irvine Villain
4th Division Bundaran Hotel Indonesia Kurata, de Mitt, Ashtray, Costy & Losty

Shura, Rokoz, Ixora & Ixano,

Co-Leader : Shuu

Support : Devina

5th Division Ancol Sea World Delice, Blood, Kate, Lara, Mizuhiki-hime

Tsubasa, RGB, Schnapper, Fos, Rena

Support : Celsias


Even though Hero dominate three of the five battlefields, this war was won by Villain. The Leader Mazo along with the rest of Heroes were forced to wear sexy maid outfit (with cat ears) as a punishment.

War of Pioneer BEdit

With the end of World Cup, Canvas Ranger War was over...
Or is it World Cup ended because of Canvas Ranger War...??
No one knows...
What happened and remained is just trauma for the whole world...

-- Canvas Ranger War of Pioneer B Journal

This war probably was the biggest pioneer war of Canvas Ranger. It taken place in South Africa in the middle of World Cup tournament and happened between 28th June 2010 until 11th July 2010. What different from this war was each division is allowed to bring as many supporters as they like as long as they are from the same side (Hero only allowed to support Hero, Villain only allowed to support Villain) thus even ranger from Re-generation is allowed to participate in the war.

Every division assigned to one country soccer team and have to bring item representing their assigned country. Rangers from Pioneer A and Re-Generation is allowed to support only one division and they have to wear soccer uniform from which that division represented. Supporters whose not a member of Support Division B is not allowed to engaged in battle and can only cheer from sideline.

Pioneer B Representing Participant Other Support Winner
Hero Villain Hero Villain Hero Villain
6th Division Ghana Brazil

Emily, Indivar, Rappie, Ren, Aotori

Support : Tae Yon & Jin Hyuk

Igame, Atsuka, Neuphelia Samme Juri Hero
7th Division Argentina Germany Krats, Oscar, Lili, Akane

Sieben, Vient, Raiya, Nadika, Zovan

Support : Vlad

Fied, Onyx, Sakura, Illumiel Blood, Ruina, Ghast, Shionette, Ryou Villain
8th Division Japan Uruguay Trades, Raye, Evee, Rosetta, Satsuma

Paint, Pokka, Roger

Co-Leader : Rast

Tsuna, Flynn, Byakuya, Ken, Yoshiharu, Levi, Reiya, Xano & Xora, Rokoz, Shura Sylvorra, Neo, Kurata, Krain Hero
9th Division Portugal Netherlands

Negi, Fara, Emil

Leader : Mazo

Support : Andes, Erfeia & Faeria, Natasa, Medley

Rachette, Louise, Chocola, Xaviera, Falleci

Leader : Gaoh

Support : Kuro-D, 2T

Scarlet, Raigen, Shad Villain
10th Division Spain Paraguay Rotto, Riffu, Roanna, Noizu

Nero, Cifer, Pharos, Adriane

Support : Avra


One notable moment in this after war was a unison in Hero Rangers who decided to have Falleci wearing a maid uniform while cleaning soccer stadium as a punishment.

War of Pioneer CEdit

Pioneer C Place Participant Winner
Villain Hero
11st Division Happy Song Studio

Hikari & Rikku, Dmitri, Mao, Zarine, Ao

Support : Ryo

Nikora, Fernia, Toto, Axel, Mitsuki

Support : Luna

12nd Division Take Me Out Studio Mr. Barber, Osvald, Raike, Leint, Skye

Co-Leader : Rast

Von Staire, Frandoll, Ofen, Benith, Tsuna

Leader : Mazo

13rd Division Satu Lawan Seratus Studio Ghast, Vex, Red, Noir Kumara & Ganesha, Elppa, Calvaria, Nelixuzian, Dhyonne Hero
14th Division Famili 100 Studio

Xenon, Shionette, Ox, Souten, Ceville

Leader : Gaoh

Oji, Zeno, Feisha, Akira, Lesshu

Support : Nazu, Fynn, Archius

15th Division The Price is Right Studio Featherine, Yuuya, Xyronna, Alicia, Sapphire

Suzette, Strav, Kanon, Cro, Byakuya

Support : Avan


War of Pioneer DEdit

Pioneer C Place Participant Winner
Villain Hero
16st Division ITB University

Vaein, Bonchi

Support : Gaoh

Lily, Samme, Spica, Etoile

Support : Ariya

Leader : Mazo

17nd Division Gajah Mada University Skyes & Evil, Eileen, Ernott, Hibiki, Ascu & Izzy

Co-Leader : Rast

Support : Ruri, Jamie

Daiya, Arley, Akihito, Levi, Rei

Support :  Ken

18rd Division Diponegoro University Shad, Aneva, Lucy, Yuuya Negaku, Ran, Lotti, Chiu, Karen Hero
19th Division Indonesian University

Mellisa, Riza, Arc F.

Support : Carmine

Flavia, Cielo, John

Support : Fraulent

20th Division Airlangga University Ren, Blitz

Ryuzaki, Yugi, Fin, Ryuto

Support : Onyx


Canvas Ranger Big WarEdit

Stage 1Edit

Stage 2Edit

Stage 3Edit

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War of Team EEdit

After a long pause since the last war, once again rangers are called to the war field. This war was taking place in a haunted graveyards on 6th March 2012 until 20th March 2012. Rangers of Pioneer A was called back and asked to help the new recruits from Pioneer E to shoo away mysterious creatures from the other world which occupying the graveyards to let the battle proceed smoothly.

Pioneer E Place Participant Reinforcement Winner
Hero Villain Hero Villain
21st Division Trunyan Graveyard, Bali

Azhvald, Teo, Myu & Ryu, Trini

Co-Leader : Alvey

Support : Starlet

Elliot, Tony, Kagami, Argie, Senzen

Support : Blue, Arc

Rena, Ixora & Ixano Kagura, Ashtray Hero
22nd Division Dayak Benuaq Graveyard, East Borneo

Bed, Neil, Russel, Pearl, Median

Support : Mikaru

Kyou, Mola, Tsumi & Pastel, Rue, Guri

Support : Peril


Aurel, Costy & Losty, Lara

Support : Spade, Mu Tung, Luc

23rd Division Jeruk Purut Public Cemetery, Jakarta

Fauz, Garuda, Luc L., Sharrol & Chaos, Hyuna

Leader : Mazo

Support : Talla

Alisa, Nodoca, Regi & Rune, Noteno

Co-Leader : Asad

- Raigen Hero
24th Division Imogiri's Kings Tomb, Jogjakarta

Aokawa, Ibra, Tirta, Javelin, Airia

Support : Mai

Moon, Nate, Xhero, Frau, Agasha

Support : Hyacinth, Rikura

Rina, Fied, Algeo, Shura Kurata Villain
25th Division Lemo Stone Graveyard, Toraja Land

Cyan, Ara, Mepuz, Ru, Reece

Support : Dave

Reina, Ave, Orlant, Ouga, Meisaroh

Leader : Gaoh

- Scarlet Villain

Several other non-participant rangers also giving their support by visiting war arena and watching battle on the spot, but they are strictly not allowed to engage in battle with war participant.

Villain win this war, so the leader and co-leader of Hero must bury the corpses back to their wrecked graveyard as punishment. They bring Osteon, Russel, Garuda, Mepuz and Aokawa to do the job with them.

War of Team FEdit

Take place in fast food restaurants around Indonesia on 19th September 2012 until 3rd October 2012. Rangers of Pioneer B was called back and asked to help the new recruits from Pioneer F to shoo away mascots of the restaurants who tried to stop the war (which break their restaurants).

Pioneer F Place Participant Reinforcement Winner
Hero Villain Hero Villain
26th Division KFC - Sam Ratulangie, Makassar

Yassin, Shutaru, Eris, Sakura

Theia, Chiroo, Alistair, Alain

Co-Leader : Asad

Emily, Fara Xaviera, Falleci, Pharos Villain
27th Division Wendy's - Flavor Bliss Alam Sutera, Serpong

Arlene, Kairi, Namika, Lonelia, Ravenia

Leader : Mazo

Verbe, Jester, NyaNya, MEGA, Kanina

Support : Chertell


Sieben, Nadika

28th Division A&W - Tol Cikampek KM 19

Minoru, Hana, Revi, Dei, Fuhjin

Support : Lieve

Co-Leader : Alvey

Irene, Niro, Hairi

Support : Akiko, Valheyn, Hi

- Mr. Paint, Tanuki Hero
29th Division McDonald's - Manado

Lucchan, Gilph, Polo, Evelyn

Support : Franscisca, Surya & Wulan, Sherly

Rhein, Nimbus, Azriel, Takuya, Duchess

Leader : Gaoh

Efiria, Medley, Andes, Natasa Yukina, Cifer Villain
30th Division TEXAS Chicken - Dewi Sartika, Bandung

Rama, Abel, Reika, Kariza, Mono

Monmon, Rilo & Loli, Elazul & Velonxi, Izu, Yukino

Indivar Igame Disqualified

This is the first (and maybe only) war that results in draw. Thus both leaders and co-leaders must served as maids in the restaurants that they've broken.

War of Team GEdit

Take place in Jawa Timur Park 2, Batu Secret Zoo, Theme park and Museum on 17th June 2013 until 1st July 2013. Rangers of Pioneer C was called back and asked to help the new recruits from Pioneer G.

Pioneer G Place Participant Reinforcement Winner
Hero Villain Hero Villain
31st Division Batu Secret Zoo Entrance Gate

Poo, Carenina, Raiden, Waka

Support : Indari

Reito, Shank, Crescent, Jurin, Lon

Co-Leader : Asad

Von Staire, Toto, Oji

Red Villain
32nd Division Savannah

Pochiendt, Tomo, Varyl, Gilang, Yuuchio

Support : Noriko & Noel

Leader : Mazo

Nerby, Tami, Krolika, Saccharo, BT

Support : Vein, Crimson

Zeno, Archius, Cro, Luna, Neilixuzian,

Alicia, Ox

33rd Division Fantasy Land

Seno, Natsuki, Dira, Runa, Lacie

Support : Juni

Co-Leader : Alvey

Rein, Kiseki, Loha, Melvin, Lafen

Support : Macduff

Lesshu Mr. Barber Hero
34th Division Tiger Land Reinee, Miya, Joel, Yoru

Jinpusar , Simbah, Haru, Sarasa

Leader : Gaoh

Feisha, Fernia Ghast, Mao, Ryo Villain
35th Division Animal Museum

Bedul, Ise, Diego, Aria, Trinity

Support : Kizuna

Rea, Ana, Umbra, Trixy

Tsuna, Kanon Noir, Sapphire, Raike, Akira Hero

Hero win this war. Thus, the leader and co-leader of villain must bathe the disturbed animals as punishment