Von Staire
Von Staire
Von Staire's appearance
Personal Info
Real name Vallenanhitt Von Staire
Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth 14th February 1985
Place of birth Bandung
Age 25 y.o
Laterality Right-handed
Height/weight 177 cm/74 kg
Canvas Coin
Faction Hero
Division 12th Division
Ability Info
Weapon type Bare Hand, Tonfa, Ranged (PinBall)
Weapon name {{{weapon name}}}
Fighting style Soulbender Style
Pet SuNge (Suster Ngesot)
Special ability R-Flash, R-Straight, R-BlackJack, R-Jackpot
Berserk mode True Gambler Form

"Bad Luck, bokek, dikutuk, sial, SIAL, SIAAALLLL!"

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Von Staire is a ranger from 12th Division that he has unlucky curse because of an unknown granny's curse. He always in awkward moment because of his unlucky curse but always safe. He is so selfish and arrogant before he got his curse. He always wears a pink jacket because of his father's gift to him. He doesn't has an ability except his speed to escape from angry people to him. He could transform become R-Rider (Soulbender-R) with his R-Belt that he has.