Louie Umbra
Louie Umbra
Personal Info
Real name Louie Umbra
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth October 27th
Place of birth Unknown
Age 14
Laterality Right Hand
Height/weight 141cm / 34kg
Canvas Umbrella canvas
Faction Villain
Division n/a
Ability Info
Weapon type Physical
Weapon name Umbrella
Fighting style Close to middle range
Pet -
Special ability Making umbrella
Berserk mode EX - Antumbra

"Umbrella... is my life's savior..."
—Louie Umbra

Louie Umbra (ルイ・アムブラ Rui Amubura ?)is a member of Canvas Ranger, aligned with Villain. She is genius at making umbrella and the CEO of Umbrella Industries.

Her Umbrella Canvas is actually a special umbrella vault that she made when her hand-made umbrellas taking up a lot of space, enabling her to opening an "invisible door" that allows for the contents to pass through upon the Umbra's command .

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Umbra is a young girl with twintailed blonde hair and golden eyes. She's usually wear a trenchcoat over her one-piece dress. She wears black panthose and high-heeled boots.

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Umbra is a very mature young woman and sometimes showing some selfless nature. She can also appear somewhat clueless, as she misses some things that are obvious to everyone else.

History Edit

Contrary to what her young age would make one believe, Umbra is actually the CEO and the main scientist of Umbrella Industries, the world-wide umbrella maker company.

Fighting Style Edit

Umbra's primary weaponry is umbrellas which she made by herself in order to finding the ultimate umbrella. Her main offense is provided through a large arsenal of umbrellas, accompanied by a small selection of martial arts. She is able to use her umbrella as a melee weapon or ranged weapon that usually focusing in the elemental properties: fire, electric, wind and ice.

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