Sanga Como Esta, is just an alien who is currently the member of Support Division C. Unlike her fellow friends, Sanga is no combatant. But, her high pain threshold enabled her to be a worthy opponent.

Sanga by RA
The Masochistic Alien
Personal Info
Real name Sanga Como Esta
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Female
Date of birth December 20
Place of birth Tralala Trilili Planet
Age 19
Laterality Right handed
Height/weight 170 cm, 65 kg
Canvas Oblete Spheroid
Faction Hero
Division Regeneration
Ability Info
Weapon type None
Weapon name None
Fighting style None
Pet None
Special ability She is able to withstand tremendous pain or pressure without feeling anything
Berserk mode None

"I want it"


Sanga's appearance doesn't tell much about her other wordly origins. Born with blode hair and blue eyes, Sanga looked just like the typical foreigner. She usually ties her hair into two high pigtails. For Sanga, as a therapist, it is only natural for her to wear her lab coat. But of course, she customized it so it will appear formal but at the same time stylish.