Russel Håvard
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Russel everyday appearence
Personal Info
Real name Russel Havard
Race Human
Gender Male
Date of birth 3 April
Place of birth London, United Kingdom
Age 21
Laterality Ambidextrous
Height/weight 185cm/73kg
Canvas Personality
Faction Hero
Division 22
Ability Info
Weapon type Dagger and Guns
Weapon name -
Fighting style Long and Close range
Pet F.L.O.T
Special ability Immortal, transformed into another person
Berserk mode -

"well, I worked there, as a photographer"


Russel is a Spy from England, known as MI6. He got a mission to gather some information about Art Block in Indonesia that currently occurs there. He then join Canvas Ranger on Hero side and currently a member of 22 Division.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

Russel is a young man in his 20's. He has unusual dark blue hair and turqoise eyes. He usually wear casual clothes like shirt, T-shirt and light brown or black pants in Indonesia.

One calm and quiet person, rarely get irritated by others. It is not because he is understand people, but its because he didn't much care about people around him. Cold, emotionless, conscientious, work according to his plan. Is a serious and stiff person, hardly ever laugh or smiling. Actually can smile to others as bright as sun, but that was just his act. Actually he's not that kind of person, he changed into this personality because he lost his important friend which also his partner 2 years ago. However everybody just know that he is calm, and cool person.

His crossgender version is Rachel