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Rina has a unique type of weapon which can be detached into multiple swords. That ability enables Rina to switch her swordplay to match her enemies' type.

Front blade Edit



A large, long bladed sword that serves as main blade. It designed so that Rina can use it for crushing as well as slicing. It has weakest speed, but unequaled in attack power. It's named Sword of Vega.

Back blade Edit

Small but long one-handed sword which can be used for high-speed slicing and stabbing. It has smallest attack power, but highest speed. It's named Sword of Olympus.

Hilt and Rifle Edit

A hilt with two small blades and a hidden engine for rifle function. It serves as main 'docking station' for two blades. It has two handle, one for sword function, and one for rifle function. It's named Hand of Titan.