Reika Fencer
Reika fencer new-style
Reika Fencer
Personal Info
Real name Reika Fencer
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth November 5
Place of birth Indonesia
Age 16
Laterality Right Handed
Height/weight 169/50
Canvas Wheelchair Canvas
Faction Hero
Division 30
Ability Info
Weapon type Wheelchair
Weapon name -
Fighting style swinging wheelchair wildly, mostly hit-and-run
Pet Grandpa Tire/Kakek Ban
Special ability hit-and-run
Berserk mode *in progress*

Reika Fencer may use wheelchair, but actually she isn't have any disability or sickness.


Reika Fencer always use a belt on her head without a clear reason (maybe it's just a part of her style). Red short-haired. her eyes were red colored too. she's often spotted wearing red-stripped white long-sleeves inside her yellow with red-strips shirt and red pants with some white building silhouette ornament in the bottom of the pants. she always sats on a wheelchair. her wheelchair's tire is white colored and have a red-strip on it.


She's nosy, and she hates being underestimated. she also a little bit sloppy, considering she likes to hit people while riding her wheelchair and usualy run away without looking at the victim.


As a nosy girl, she will poke everything that attract her attention. one day, she was secretly playing with a cursed wheelchair in the museum near her house. suddenly she sensed a great power comes from the wheelchair and held her up, so she can't stand up nor leave the wheelchair. trembling in fear and despair, she's questioning herself, "what will you do now, reika?". she then explored many places in order to find her own answer. and finally, she sats on her wheelchair, in front of canvas ranger building. "I'm gonna use this unwanted power for exterminating artblocks!", she said to herself.

As a RangerEdit

She's still regeneration, but lately she managed to join into 30th division. *under construction*


she hadn't join any war yet.


Her abilities is hit-and-run those bad people and artblocks. she also loves to grind and squashing her enemies using her wheelchair (actually sometimes she also squashing her friends with her wheelchair too).

  • Henshin

In Henshin Mode, she managed to stand up from the wheelchair, but she can't go to far from the wheelchair. this allows her to swing her wheelchair and do some tricky tricks using her wheelchair. the wheelchair's tires also emitting aura, making every swings that reika's made become more powerful.


things that reika likes and dislikes:

  1. she's nosy
  2. she loves wild race
  3. she don't want to be underestimated
  4. she loves to eat 'tempe'.
  5. she dislikes 'lodeh'.
  6. she hates people who act rude to her.


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