Ratri Vladilen
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Personal Info
Real name Ratri Vladilen
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Male
Date of birth 16th July 1993
Place of birth Russia
Age 16
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Height/weight 180/65
Canvas Alter Ego
Faction Villain
Division RE-Generation
Ability Info
Weapon type Currently not available
Weapon name Currently not available
Fighting style Melee, close combat
Pet Coming soon
Special ability Blood Crafting
Berserk mode Unavailable

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

He is the alter ego of Ren Mirai, a member of the Villain division, silently known as Ratri. He appearance is similiar to Ren, but his personality is not even close. Well you see... Ratri happens to be a Bi Sexual, while Ren claims to be straight. He flirts with everyone in the division which is somehow annoying his other personality's friend, Luc Pranajaya. Ratri is diffrent from Ren in the way he speak, act, walks and even look.

Ratri favors Chocolates; which he think is cute, roses; which he think is sensual, mirrors; because it allows him to communicate with Ren, and blood; which somehow arouses him. Quite oddly, he also dislikes (not fear) ghost stories, which does not fit his cool aura.