Pharos is one of The Villain 10th Division ranger

Pharos Alstreim. normal mode (left) and henshin mode (right)
Personal Info
Real name Pharos Alstreim
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Male
Date of birth October 30
Place of birth England
Age 14
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Height/weight 158cm/42kg
Canvas Note Crack Canvas
Faction Villain
Division 10th Division
Ability Info
Weapon type -
Weapon name -
Fighting style Special ability
Pet {{{pet}}}
Special ability Muffling sounds and turn sounds into beads or stones to musical notes that can be blown up to suit his own.
Berserk mode Berserk

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Pharos described as a blue haired, blue eyes and tsundere. He is a calm person, but sometimes like to do strange things (Like tease his friend with his tongue-twister ability or blow-up innocent people) and become a yandere if drunk. He loves his hat, chemistry, and music, although his voice is false. Pharos dislikes crowded or noisy place and heat.

He always set his stoic face, and a lazy person, because he is a deep sleeper. He lazy at running, but fast at fleeing. HE is also a moody person.


Pharos' identity card


He lives alone since his parents die when he still a child. Afterthat, he joined Villain Canvas Ranger because he wanted to help his foster brother, Luc.

Henshin modeEdit


Pharos in henshin mode

Effect of Henshin mode :

- Hearing +30% - Agility / Speed +30% - Power-explosive bombs manic musical notes +30%

Additional skills: - musical notation beads can last a long time before blown up and can be put away like an ordinary bomb.

He rarely use Henshin mode. He only use this mode when berserk.

His right eye become red to detect his musical notes bombs.


  • He is close with his divisions friend, Nero, Cifer, Kehl, and Adriane
  • He is Luc's foster brother
  • Ran's boyfriend
  • Has a complicated friend-or-more with Rei
    CR We are not a family by death13arcana

    Happy Family (?)~(from left to right) Ran Minami, Pharos Alstreim, Rei Sumeragi


- Pharos is mean 'mercu scuar' in Latin

- Other people said that his appearance similiar to Naoto in Persona