Rina s Pet Leviathan by Erkaz


Leviathan is Rina's summon. She is a manifestation of Atlantis' guardian, and as a protector of Rina's family. With the death of Rina, her fate is currently unknown.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

She is a sea serpent, her body consisting of metal scales that shines brightly. She can transform into human form when needed.

Personality-wise, she is stoic, calm and level-headed, but somewhat wild and flirtatious, a trait that passed to Rina in henshin state.


Leviathan is one of three gods who are tasked to protect Alantis, and Leviathan is functioned as Ferguson family's protector. When destruction of Atlantis began, Leviathan was sealed by an unknown villain, and is not able to protect Rina's family, resulting in their death. Realizing that there are only one survivor, Leviathan vowed to protect her at all cost, breaking her seal, and transforming to a sword.


  • It's assumed that Leviathan still resides in Rina's heart, raising the probability of Rina's revival.