Frau New Looks Coloring
Fraulein S. Roosevelt
Personal Info
Real name Fraulein Shirayuki Roosevelt
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth June 3rd
Place of birth London, United Kingdom
Age 17 Years Old
Laterality Right Handed
Height/weight 173cm/ 50kg
Canvas CaPo (Comare of Prosecutor)
Faction Villain
Division 24th Division
Ability Info
Weapon type Firearm, Dagger
Weapon name Sniper, Dagger
Fighting style Long Range, Magical
Pet Morfan
Special ability Art Scyther, Dancing Dagger, Rain of Fire, still unknown
Berserk mode Weiße Frauen (White Lady)

"I am not just a lady, I am a Comare (Mafia Lady)" - Frau

Frau is a Comare (Mafia Lady) of Royal Roosevelt (RR) Mafia. Since she is a sole daughter, her family treasures her very much which turns her into a spoiled girl. She might be such a spoiled girl, but she knows her family's pride. One day, due to a mission to spread RR influence, her father asked her to go to Indonesia in order to take control over Asia territorial. After she arrived in Indonesia, she found an organization named Canvas Ranger and decided to join it for the shake of her "great leisure". Thus she is currently a member of 24th villain division in Canvas Ranger.


Normal ModeEdit

Frau was born with fair skin, light blue eyes, and reddish brown hair, a perfect combination for an appealing lady, no wonder her appearance can easily attract people around her. Due to her appealing appearance, a good body shape, and supported by her height, her mother which is an international designer turns her into an international model. Moreover since she is a young lady in a noble family, she is used to wear such a lady-like attire or a stylish and elegant outfit. Mostly she wears a dress with wedged ankle boots, as her favorite color is red, she is often seen wears something red, and seldom seen wears a pants. Beneath her skirt, she always wears a garter belt to keep a handgun wherever she goes. For her hair, she often styles it into a small sided ponytail with two big red balls scrunchie with feathers ornament, or she is just with her loose hair.

Henshin ModeEdit

Once Frau turns into a henshin mode, her appearance will change drastically with red skin, vivid yellow eyes, loose white hair, and black wings on her back. In addition, right on her belly, she has a Diabolos symbol as a mark that she belongs to a Prosecutor. Shortly, Frau's henshin appearance is similar to a Succubus.



As A RangerEdit