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"Art is nothing without blood scratches."

Fallecimiento Melodia is a half demon-half vampire who wields a noble musician name in the netherworld. She lives alone in a luxury veracini mansion which is located in a dimension available only for Falleci.

Even though she is a demon, she is really polite like nobles and sometimes looks arrogant. She likes to give sarcastic comments and look down on people.


Fallecimiento Melodia
Personal Info
Real name Fallecimiento Melodia
Race {{{race}}}
Gender Female
Date of birth unknown
Place of birth Spain
Age more than 1500 years
Laterality {{{laterality}}}
Height/weight 143 cm / 36 kg
Canvas Blood Skull Melody
Faction Villain
Division Division 9 "The Strongest"
Ability Info
Weapon type Violin
Weapon name Blood Skull Violina
Fighting style Musical Caster
Pet Blood Skull Violina
Special ability summon killer melody, summon deathscythe, melodia death blow, steal the enemy`s ability by sucking her/his blood
Berserk mode Death Orchestra

Even though she looks like a little girl, she is actually thousands years old. She spends all of her time playing her lovely violin. She really loves it and treats it like a pet. Falleci visits human world to play her violin and also to hunt for blood. It is said that any human who hears the sound of her violin will die immediately. Other than that, she could hypnotize them using her violin.

Falleci also is a talented artist; she used blood from other artist as paint. Falleci thinks that an artist's blood is more special than just ordinary people's blood. Other than using it as paint, she also drink it. The effect of an artist's blood is really effective in giving her mood, inspiration, art skill, and even increasing her power. Falleci also can see spirits to distinguish human with artist's blood from normal humans. Human with artist's blood has a yellow, gold-colored spirit (stronger the spirit emits means stronger the spirit is)

The CanvasEdit

Blood skull melody canvas

Blood Skull Melody

  • Her canvas (symbolized with a skull-shaped melody) is Falleci's trademark. The symbol means that her melody can bring death to anyone.
  • Everytime she does her chain-murders actions, she always left her trademark. It is drawn using the victims' blood.
  • This trademark also appears as a magic circle under Falleci when she casts magic.


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