Each side in Canvas Ranger, whether it's Hero side or Villain side, has its own divisions.

Divisions are basically created to make it easier to manage all Rangers (due to the rapid rate of growth of the Rangers) and also has a benefit for all Ranger to focus on their activity (whether to prevent Artblock or to spread Artblock).

Until now, there are 12 Divisions for each Hero and Villain side (meaning 24 Divisions in total)

The Divisions are divided as such:

Team A Divisions

Team B Divisions

Team C Divisions

Opening Divisions

New divisions are opened gradually in a non-specified period, six divisions for every period.

'Team A, B, and so on' labels are given only to distinguish in which period the divisions were created and doesn't show any sort of levels or other specifications.


Rangers who are not in any division are stated as 'Re-generation'.

Regeneration refers to the condition where they will soon follow the 'pioneers' to be listed in divisions, and to continue the fights in general.

Being in a division doesn't make a Ranger has higher position/rank than those in Regeneration state.

Replacement In Divisions

As for the authors, having their characters in a division also means that they must be pretty much active in submitting works related to Canvas Ranger.

Points will be given for each submissions, and when an author failed to reach minimum point limit, he/she will be noted in order to catch up.

If he/she still failed to reach the minimum limit in given time, his/her OC presence in the division will be replaced.

When a Ranger is exited from a division, automatically this means empty slot is opened.

Once an open slot announced, Regeneration Rangers can apply in 'first come-first served' system.

A Ranger exited from a division will be in Regeneration state and doesn't mean he/she is expelled from Canvas Ranger.