Personal Info
Real name Anastasia Ayu Sukmawati
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth June 20th
Place of birth Batu-Malang
Age 14
Laterality Ambidextrous
Height/weight 147 cm/ 35 kg
Canvas Nirmana
Faction Villain
Division 35
Ability Info
Weapon type Spear
Weapon name Retro-gungnir
Fighting style Melee , but it's depend on her summon too (It can be range)
Pet Untitled
Special ability Montage - Create an object and then combine it with herself
Berserk mode -

"There are many differences in this world...
But they can make this world more colorfull...
That is Nirmana..."

Anastasia Ayu Sukmawati is a member of Canvas Ranger which joined with Villain in 35th Division.


Anastasia, better known as Ana (or Sukma, as nicknamed by Reeceis a college student who study Visual Communication Design. She has a square-shaped face with short black pigtails accesorized with red ribbons. She always appeared on the side-corner of room and read a book, manga, or maybe encyclopedia to get some inspiration for her manga. Because she always read a book on the corner side of a room (with less light), she always wearing a thick-glasses with red frame.

On the right corner of her lips, there is a small black circle-shaped birthmark.


Under the guidance of her father, she becomes a genius girl who always at the top op her class and always get many award about her success. She can easily understands all of the problems and solves it. But, it makes all of her friend's think that she is a threat for their success. It causes she doesn't have any friends. So, for kill her boredom, she always go to the corner side of the room to read some literature.

Her passion about Japan is too high, makes all of people around her called her "Weeaboo" although she is not actually a weeaboo. She is obsessed to live in Japan and become a manga artist there. She is talented manga artist who always makes 1 page of manga everyday in her spare time, particularly Yaoi. She is very fussy if talking about Japan and Yaoi.