Airia Fortineri
Airia Fortineri
Personal Info
Real name Airen Fortineri
Race Human
Gender Female
Date of birth Undiscovered
Place of birth Brastagi, God Realm side 3
Age 10 Years Old
Laterality Ambidextrous, Usually used Right Hand to shoot
Height/weight 130cm / 27kg
Canvas Aeroplane Canvas
Faction Hero
Division 24th Division
Ability Info
Weapon type Everything made by Metal
Weapon name Summoned Armor
Fighting style Mid-Ranged Dog Fight; Hit and Run
Pet -
Special ability Metal summoning; Copycat ability
Berserk mode Armor of Unlimited Dakka Works

"Kindness alone is not love, so let's share our pain too. It’s a proof that we are alive."

Airia Fortineri is a member of Canvas Ranger. 24th Division, Hero Side. She used to be a victim of bullying, and after she can stand up by her own. She joined Canvas Ranger after met Double and ask her to join Canvas Ranger Hero side after sees her flying. Currently she is dating Red from Villain side 13th Division.

She HATES gravity so much that she always flying or hovering wherever she goes.

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