Eighth division is a part of Team B Divisions that divided into two sides, Hero and Villain.


Hero 8th Division members

1. Evee Lonehart

2. Raye Jumonji

3. Rosetta Vandino

4. Tougi Satsuma

5. Trades

Villain 8th Division members

1. Mr Paint

2. Pokka Mocca

3. Roger Ramoz

4. Tanuki

5. Vladislav 'Bracula' Hajuklitinov


8th Divisions War was placed at South Africa at 2010 FIFA World Cup, with Hero (600 pts) winning against Villain (490 pts). In this war, hero side was helped by many supporters like Byakuya, Flynn, Kensuke, Levi, Oji, Rei, Rena, Rino, Shiroyuki, Tsuna and Viel. 4th Division also came to support too. Villain side got some supporters too, like Sylvorra, 2nd Division and 4th Division. Villain Co-leader Rast also came to help, but because there were some members that didn't attend the war they still lost.