Fourth division is the part of Team A Divisions that was divided into two sides, Hero and Villain.


Hero 4th Division members

1. Dobel/Ixora and Ixano Andea

2. Shura

3. Rokoz

4. Benzi

5. Muka Lecek

Villain 4th Division members

1. Ashtray

2. Kurata Onizaki

3. Periwinkle Twin/Costy and Losty Periwinkle

4. Tohru Fujimiya

5. Demit/ Nikolaas van de Mitt


The 4th Divisions War occured at Bunderan HI Jakarta, with the Hero side (500 points) won against Villain (400 points).

Shuu Himeno, the co-leader of Hero, and Devina from Hero Support Division A helped the 4th Hero Division in this war.

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