Third division is the part of Vanguard A that devided into two sides, Hero and Villain.


Hero 3rd Divisions members:

1. Zee

2. A(i) Gradient

3. Mokuro

4. Akai

5. Irvine Eyvindr

Villain 3rd Divisions members:

1. Krain Qrowell

2. Scarlet

3. Fino Raines

4. Hazel / Marguilheur Revio Leon

5. Gildvorn Hellavion


3rd Divisions War placed at Dufan, Jakarta, with the Villain side (850 points) won against Hero (400 points)

Both of the Villain Leader, Gaoh Fredian and Co-Leader, Rast Vermeil helped the 3rd Villain Division, made a huge loss to the Hero side.