Member of 20th DivisionEdit

20th Hero Division

1. Ryuzaki Mutou

2. Yugi Hiwatari

3. Kumori Fin

4. Ryuto Akira

5. Xion

20th Villain Division

1. Alejandro

2. Blitzschnell Terrine

3. Ren Mirai

4. Seiri Reinhart

5. Yuuhi Snowfallen

On WAREdit

20th Division had a WAR on Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia. Ryuzaki Mutou started the battle on Main Entrance of Airlangga University and her opponent is Ren Mirai. After that, Yugi came to Main Entrance to help her. Suddenly Xion came too and he hides himself when he wants to attack.

Meanwhile, Ryuto attacked in Campus C Airlangga University and Fin attacked in Main Campus Airlangga University. Fin's opponent is Bliztschnell Terrine because she was appearing and attacking Fin. In other side, Onyx from Hero Support D helps Hero Division 20 and she attacked in front of Medical Faculty of Airlangga University.

Then, Hero Division 20 became the winner in this WAR because not all Villain Division 20 could join in this battle and all of Hero Division 20 joined in this battle.