First division is the part of Team A Divisions that divided into two sides, Hero and Villain.


Hero 1st Division members

1. Himawari Kikuta

2. Illumiel Trulyworth

3. Fleursava Prateria

4. Magnifica Cielon

5. Sir Thomas Arthur William Tanner III

Villain 1st Divisions members

1. Bloody Raigen

2. Leru & Liru Velleim Flute

3. Marguilheur Gaelen Illiata

4. Klee Rundvier Feuilles

5. Kagura Akamori


1st Divisions War placed at Kota tua Jakarta, with the Hero side (600 points) won against Villain (400 points)

Mazo, The Leader of Hero, helped 1st Hero Division in this war. Although Luc Pranajaya and Spade from Villain Support A Division also helped the 1st Villain Division, Villain side still lost because a lot of the 1st Villain Division members didn't attend the war. 

At the 2nd war located in South Africa during the World Cup, the only member of first division that supports the Team B are only Raigen and Illumiel. Raigen helped the 9th division, while Miel helped the 7th division.